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hi, i’m a bartender and beverage consultant

What can I do for you?


From menu creation, bar setup and bottle selection to staff training and hire.

I can take your business to the next level by streamlining it, maximising profit and minimising waste.
I’m also a strong advocate for environmental awareness and I can advise you on how to improve your business’ carbon footprint and recycling practices.
My approach is minimalist and utilitarian but also driven by creativity and care for details.


i can help you to set up a bar in your events, wedding, parties etc.

Services can include custom cocktails and menus as well as providing well trained staff and/or pre-bottled cocktails that can be served either from bottles or on draft.



Have you ever dreamt about learning how to make your own cocktails at home? Are you thinking about starting a new career in hospitality? I can offer tailor made masterclasses to individuals and groups both in person and online about spirits, liqueurs, techniques and the creative process that goes behind the creation of a cocktail.

brand advocacy

does your product need some recipes to share with your customers?

I can develop drinks with your product that will engage with your customers, ignite their love for it and maybe even discover a whole new side of it.

product development

would you like to launch a new brand and need help formulating a recipe?

I can assist you throughout the research and development, help you sourcing the best ingredients, finding the best label designs and bottle shapes.

private experience

would you like to treat your date or your friends to a special private drinking experience?
I can provide an intimate space where you’ll be treated to tailor made drinks and direct care in the warmth of a private space in the south of Milan.
feel free to contact me for enquiries.


(+39) 349-79927

Stay tuned